Understanding Your Roof

Do you know how frequently you should have your roof inspected? Do you know what signs to look for that indicate your roofing system needs attention and/or repair?  Do not wait for a disaster to happen before you get your roof inspected. Each season, when you clean your gutters out, is typically a good time to have your roof inspected and after the winter season. One area that people tend to forget when it comes to roof inspection is the attic (if applicable).  Checking the underside of your roof via the attic is a good way to catch issues before they become too big.

If purchasing an older home or previously owned home, make sure you find out how old is the roof, when was the last time it was inspected, have there been any repairs made to it, and definitely get it inspected before purchasing the home.

Do not assume that just because you have a newly built home that you don’t have to worry about roofing issues.  For new construction homes, always make sure you find out the company that installed your roof, the type of products they used (ask for a profile from the builder/contractor), and what is the warranty for the products they used, and what is the warranty from the contractor. The realtor you work with will typically be able to get this information for you. Over the years, I have come across a lot of homeowners with newly built homes who have unexpected issues arise with their roofs.

Another key item to look into when it comes to your roof is knowing what your homeowner’s insurance covers in terms of replacing your roof or repairs. Repairing or replacing a roof can be a very high expense that a lot of homeowners don’t budget for.

A few good resources to review to help answer some questions about your roofing system are www.everybodyneedsaroof.com., www.realtor.com, www.hsh.com (homeowner’s maintenance checklist). Being informed is key to making sure you stay on top of keeping your roofing system in good condition which in turn leads to a safer home and efficient energy costs.

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