About Me

Welcome to Hook Cleaning & Organization Services!  I am Shuan (pronounced Shu-on) Shontae Hook, a business entrepreneur, born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina.  I am the mother of a wonderful 20-year-old son.  I have been in business since 2007, however, in 2011, I decided to take the big step and expand my business by becoming a service provider on Angie’s List, increasing my organization service, adding local small businesses owners to my referral list, and working with subcontractors in various fields.

I started off in the Home Health field specializing in Hospice care, dementia/Alzheimer’s care, and Veteran care as a CNA (certified nursing assistant).  While taking care of clients, I would always end up cleaning their homes and their caregivers would refer their friends and family to me.  As a result of this, I had a host of clients I was cleaning for and also organizing areas of their homes.  This is how Hook Cleaning & Organization Services came to be.  Later in life, I developed OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and this is how the organizational side of the business was developed.  Organizing became a therapeutic process for me and I soon realized that I was great at this and saw how much it helped my clients function better in their homes, at work, and in their lives in general.

I have a passion for helping others when they are in need during a rough time in their life when they become overwhelmed with the daily chores of life, someone becomes ill or unexpected death or emergency surgery happens.  Cleaning and organizing is more than just a business to me, it is a privilege and honor to bring that much-needed “Peace of Mind” to someone’s day or life knowing that I was able to help bring calm to their chaos.  This is how our slogan, “Service with Compassion during Your Time of Need”, came to be.

We are constantly networking with business partners in various fields such as plumbing, electrical, general contractors, HVAC, carpet, and floor specialists to make sure we are up-to-date on new products or ways of caring for your home.  In 2016, I decided to start the process of becoming a full green cleaning company.  Of course, there are some old-school products that we still use if our client so desires, but we do our best to use as many non-toxic products to get the cleaning done.

We also work closely with real estate agents to make sure we know what the expectations are when someone is placing their house on the market for sale.  We also assist with the staging of homes and cleaning services catered to keep homes clean while they are on the market.

My Promise To You

All of our team members go through an extensive background check and drug screening process so that you can have peace of mind when opening your home to our team. If you are not home during your scheduled service, you can be assured that your key, garage code, and/or security code are in safe keeping.  We value the trust that you place in our team members and the company.

Our team members will treat your home and personal belongings with the utmost attentiveness and respect. We take pride in leaving your home safe and sound, as we found it once we are done.

Hook Cleaning and Organizations is Licensed and Insured.

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