The Forgotten Zones

The forgotten zones are the areas and places that we tend not to think about during our daily routines of living in our homes.  We walk by them and don’t even think twice about the goodies that lurk there or we say “I will get to that later” but we never do.  When you have an odor in your home and you have no clue as to where it is coming from, it may possibly be coming from one of these zones! Below is a list of some of the common places that are considered the forgotten zone that we never really clean or think about cleaning until we either have to move an item out of the way to replace it, paint or remodel.

Bathroom exhaust fan, bathroom air vents, behind/underneath appliances, behind/underneath furniture, top of the refrigerator, crumb tray on the toaster oven, keyboards/laptops, light bulbs (dust), top of the ceiling fan, shower curtain/liner, remote controls, kitchen trash can, garbage disposal, kitchen backsplash, lint catcher in the dryer, the washer and dryer, house plants (real/artificial), light switches/covers, doorknobs/handles, air ducts, window screens, vacuum filters/canisters, warming drawer underneath the oven, pet beds, litter boxes, throw pillows, mattress cover, duvet cover.

Challenge yourself by taking the time to write all of the forgotten zones in your home and be sure to add them to your cleaning schedule!

Technology Cleaned My House

IRobot, Hook cleaning, Roomba

I am sure that one day in the far, far future there will be a house built that will have a “self-cleaning” feature! So, until that day arrives, we must keep cleaning our homes the good old fashion way.

However, there are a few gadgets out there on the market that can help make the housecleaning process a little bit easier. Before you go purchase any device, having a cleaning schedule, sticking to it, getting everyone in the household involved in the process, and being vigilant is the key to keeping your home clean.

Today you can go online and purchase vacuums and floor mopping system robots to do the job for you. I always advise my clients to do their research to make sure they are buying the right system that will get the job done as efficiently as possible for their home size and needs.

These systems are not cheap, even after being on the market for several years as the technology is forever evolving with newer technology. Even with me being the owner of a housecleaning company, I have taken the leap into advanced technology, and I purchased the iRobot Roomba vacuum. It has been the BEST gift I have ever purchased for myself. After a long day of working in the field, there is nothing like coming home to clean carpets and hardwood floors!

Clean floors make the entire house seem fresh upon entry even though I may be behind with my dusting and mopping. I have my Roomba programmed to vacuum 7 days/week at 8 am, and it will clean for 30-45 minutes on a full charge. I have a reminder set on my cell phone calendar to empty the collection bin at least 3 days/week and check underneath that there isn’t much maintenance to the Roomba. It does a WONDERFUL job at keeping under the beds clean which is one of the unforgotten zones that gets neglected by us all!

Based on how the iRobot Roomba has saved me time with vacuuming, making my house appear brighter upon entry, and the money spent to purchase it; I highly recommend making the investment into this technology to anyone who has a tough time with vacuuming or who simply cannot find the time in their busy schedule to do so. I always advise that you do your research and make sure you are purchasing a system that can handle your house size or the various type of floors that you have in your home.

For me, with the iRobot Roomba vacuum, this piece of technology has been the best thing I have discovered in my 20+ years of cleaning, as an actual device that is well worth its cost and gets the job done.  It does take some time to make sure all the components are clear of debris and in good working condition. Other than that, there’s really nothing negative I can say about the IRobot Roomba. And this is NOT a sponsored post, just my own personal opinion being a user of this cleaning gadget.

6 Essential Fall Cleaning Tips

Fall Cleaning TipsThe weather is cooler.  The kids are back in school. Fall sports are back in full swing.  Time to get a few essential items done around the house.  

This will be similar to a Spring cleaning with a concentration on items that pertain to the cooler/colder weather.  The best time to perform this cleaning is after Labor Day and before you start your Fall decorations.  

My list can definitely be customized to your house and preferences.  These are items that I have noticed over the years that most clients ignore or really do not think about.

1.The Fireplace.  If you use it during the winter, it definitely needs to be cleaned and checked by a professional.  If you do not use it, still have it checked by a professional and see what type of sealing options are available.  This is done whenever the fireplace is not in use which most people do after the winter.  This helps with drafts, AC loss in the summer and heat loss in the winter.  SIDE NOTE: if you are having the fireplace/chimney cleaned, this is also a good time to get the dry vent line cleaned out as well.  Most companies that clean the fireplace/chimney also clean out dryer vent lines

2. The Oven. Yes the oven.  This is the best time to get it cleaned out, if it has been a few months since the last cleaning.  This way you know the oven will be ready for all the holiday cooking and baking that will be taking place. You can also clean out the drawer below the oven (if you have one).  It can also be removed to make it easier to clean underneath the oven.

3. Refrigerator/Freezer.  Yes it can be done and this is the best time to get it done.  Remove all those items that have expired.  Find those storage containers you have been looking for as they have been sitting in the back of the freezer.  Don’t forget to clean the top of the fridge as this is an area that no one seems to think about.  If possible, I also recommend pulling your fridge away from the wall and cleaning behind it.  If you have a water line connected, do be careful as you move the fridge  to ensure you do not break this line.  I refer to the top and back of the fridge as the “forgotten zones”! 

4. Window Treatments. Take the drapes down and get them cleaned.  Wash the curtains and sheers.  Dust and clean shutters, blinds or shades.  And this leads to the next item…

5. The Windows. Yes.  If you are going to clean the window treatments, shouldn’t the windows be nice and shiny? The best way to get your screens, windows and sills clean is to have them pressure washed.  However, there are products on the market that you can use specifically for exterior window cleaning.

6. The Floors.  This is a great time to get the carpets cleaned, tile/marble floors, hardwood or laminate floors cleaned.  You can take this task on yourself or hire a professional to get the job done. There are a lot of carpet cleaning companies on the market today that also clean tile, marble and laminate floors.  Hardwood floors can be cleaned by a regular cleaning company, just ask when scheduling services if they clean hardwood floors.

I hope that you find the above list helpful in planning your Fall/Autumn cleaning.  The best plan is a well thought plan that you schedule sooner than later!