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Happy New Year to everyone! We have updated our business and we are now Hook Organization Services. We have adjusted our services and at the present time, we are no longer offering cleaning services and only organization services.

Starting April 1, 2022, we will begin services for new clients in need of organizational services within our service area. Due to COVID, we will open our client intake schedule on February 1, 2022, in order to ensure we can meet the needs of our current clients and new clients safely.

We look forward to all the wonderful things 2022 has in store for Hook Organization Services and know that we are continuing with our tradition of “Service with Compassion during your Time of Need.”

We look forward to serving you and Thank You for your patience!


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  • Stephanie Hall

    I have been very impressed with the professionalism of Hook Cleaning Services. Shontae is very accommodating and follow up very promptly with correspondence. I enjoy her entire team!!!

  • L. Miller

    We have been using Hook Cleaning Services for the past six months. Ms. Hook’s company was referred to us by a close friend. I became ill over the past few years and now I am unable to keep up with my house. Ms. Hook called and scheduled a consultation visit with us, went over our needs, and catered our cleaning services to our specifications. We originally started with a monthly cleaning schedule but I wanted to increase it to every two weeks. She was able to accommodate our needs and gave us a fair price. They come to the house with their own supplies and products and due to my respiratory illness, they use green cleaning products that do not cause me any distress. They are able to clean around me since I am home and make sure I remember to put my dust mask on while they are cleaning. We are glad to have Ms. Hook and her cleaning crew helping us to keep our house clean. They are polite, professional and work well together. They treat us like we are family and appreciate the service they provide for us.

  • J. Green

    We’ve been in our relationship for almost two years now. Ms Hook has provided counsel and help in a variety of situations and I trust her judgement totally. I found her organization on Angie’s List and was particularly impressed by her diligence in answering clients’ comments.
    If you’re looking for excellent work, this is your person. If you’re looking for someone to be a part of your “home team”, this is your person.

  • F. Thorne

    Ms. Hook always communicated promptly and came when she said she would, and I came home to a delightfully clean home. I’ll certainly plan on hiring her again next time I need a house cleaning. Their price was quite reasonable.

  • L. Howard

    I discontinued their service when I retired & didn’t have an excuse to have someone help me anymore! Hook Cleaning & Organization Services has reliably cleaned my house every other week for years & I’ve been very satisfied with their service. I’m rarely home so can’t comment on punctuality but it was always complete when I returned from work on the scheduled date.

  • Kristin B.

    Miss Hook was so kind and sensitive given the situation. She did everything we asked her to do and we were grateful for her services. Later, when our father passed away, we had Hook Cleaning come back to clean the rest of the house to get it ready for sale. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the area in need of house cleaning. My brother and I contacted Hook Cleaning back in August of 2016 in a family emergency looking for a cleaner after our father was sent to the hospital. We needed someone to clean his bedroom and bathroom where he had been ill and remove soiled linen and furniture. Miss Hook responded to our call right away and was able to clean the house the next day. Miss Hook and her team cleaned the bedroom and bathroom and went above and beyond hauling soiled linen and furniture to the trash/dump.

  • B. Richardson

    I needed my home office organized as I went back to college to get my masters degree. I was having a hard time with trying to study and keep up with everything. I needed my office back and help with time management. Services were GREAT! Miss Hook provided a free 30 minute consultation visit, listened to what I needed and wanted, gave me the hourly price, the # of hours it would take to get the items done and worked with my schedule. A lot of the work was done without me being home but I was required to give input on how I needed my office to work for me. I was required to do some homework which at first I didn’t like but in the end I realized that I had to be a part of the process in order to be able to maintain the systems Miss Hook put into place. Every now and then I let things get out of order but I can call on Miss Hook to schedule a visit to help me get back on track. I have recommended her to all my co-workers, friends and family. I will definitely be getting Miss Hook to help me organizing my closet and pantry and few other areas in my home. Work was done back in may of 2016

  • Vivian Johnson

    Short term generalized housecleaning services were needed from February to July of 2018 as I was going through some personal issues. Hook Cleaning provided me with a consultation visit, went over the paperwork with me, and scheduled services around my schedule which really helped as I wanted my house cleaned while I was not there and only needed them to come once a month. Their prices were good but I think I they went above what they charge as I was always happy with the end result and they would let me know when I was low on certain items which ironically helped me keep up with my shopping list. They really do go by their motto I saw on their website, Service with Compassion during your time of need. I was going through a really tough time and needed a company that could understand that and not add to my stress level, and they did. If I should need them again, I will definitely give them a call and I have recommended close friends and family to Hook Cleaning.

  • Major cleaning services were needed because I moved from a house to an apartment quickly.

    After completing a consultative appointment, I quickly discovered that Hooking Cleaning was just the company to help me do a comprehensive overhaul to my space.

    Not only was the price offered for the service competitive and affordable but Hook Cleaning went above and beyond the call of duty to cater to my needs well beyond that of simply cleaning.

    Which is why I highly recommend Hook Cleaning to all of my family, friends, and associates.

    Hook Cleaning definitely stands firmly by their motto of “Service with Compassion”. They understood that I was under a great deal of stress, tailored a cleaning plan to expediently and expeditiously help me reach my goals, and extended an amazing amount of grace towards me during the entire cleaning and restructuring process.

  • R. Henderson

    I have used Hook Cleaning and Organization Services to help keep my fleet of trucks in order. I have used their organization services to provide our truck drivers in compliance when it comes to their paperwork and that in turns helps make things easier on me as a business owner when tax time arrives. Miss Hook also organizes that information for me as well by doing a spreadsheet once she has organized all of my paperwork. This has cut back on the amount of time it takes me to get the information to my accountant and decreased my stress when that time of year arrives. Based on the organization systems she but into place for me as the business owner and the drivers I had working for me, we have been able to stay organized within our trucks and some of my drivers were able to use the same systems in their homes. I have used the organization services from Miss Hook from 2015-2018. If you struggle with paperwork or emails disorganization, I would highly recommend Hook Cleanign and Organization Services to get you back on track.

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