Bedroom Magic

Bedroom, cleaning

We are talking about the cleaner side of things!! How to make your bedroom look like that perfect picture you saw in the Better Homes & Garden magazine or on that awesome post on Pinterest? Easily! Simply make your bed up every day and the magic will happen.  Can it be that simple?  YES! Clients always ask me what can they buy that will help them organize their bedrooms or make them look better.  My first and easiest solution is to ALWAYS make your bed once you get out of it. And boy if you could see some of the looks of confusion I get because no one believes me!  I tell them to do a few test runs over a two week period as most have to adjust their morning schedules a bit to make this work, especially if you have a spouse or significant other who does not get out of bed at the same time as you (adjustments can be made).  The act of making your bed will actually motivate you to straighten your room and over the long run keep it as neat as possible.  How? When you walk into your room and see that your bed is made, it makes you feel good to see a major item in your room looking neat which gives the appearance and feel of cleanliness and this leads to the feeling that the entire room should be like this.

Once the bed is made, you can focus on the nightstands, dresser, that stand/chair in the corner that seems to catch everything you throw at it, even under the bed will get some attention.  Who knows, you may even venture to finally go through your closet!

As with anything I recommend to my clients, always make a list or notes of what you would like the room to look like or how things can be rearranged.  This helps to cut down on frustrations and helps with keeping you focused on the task at hand which should be keeping and making your room look neat and clean.  Give this simple challenge a try as a part of your New Year’s Resolution and you will be amazed at how you MAGICALLY transformed your bedroom into the relaxing zone it was meant to be!  When you give it a try, be sure to leave us any comments on how things are going and we would love to see some before and after pictures.  If you would like help with this task or any other task in your home, do not hesitate to give us a call at 803-999-6806 or email us at and we will be glad to assist you.

Fuel Saving Tips

Fuel saving tips

Now that the country has slowly opened back up after some mandatory quarantine time and our vehicles did not get driven as much, here are a few simple tips that you can use to assist you with getting the most fuel savings for your vehicle.

Whether you travel a lot for work or take the occasional road trip for pleasure or the holidays, keeping your care properly maintained will help you get the best fuel mileage for your vehicle.  

Keep tires inflated to their proper psi level. Don’t just wait for your car’s tire system to notify you that the tire needs air, try to make it a habit to walk around your vehicle and inspect your tires. Constant changes in the temperature do affect your tire pressure so be mindful of this. If it is available in your area, go to a full-service gas station to get the attendant to check your tire pressure for you. You can also go to any tire service center like Wal-Mart, Goodyear, Firestone, Discount Tires, etc. The simple process of keeping your tires properly inflated helps save on your fuel costs.

Keep your oil changed. For older model vehicles the recommended time frame was every 3,000 miles and/or 3 months. However, with today’s more technologically advanced vehicles, you simply need to follow your manufacturer’s timeframe. This simple maintenance service helps to protect your engine which helps with your overall fuel efficiency. Also, at times your air filter has to be changed along with your oil. This is a schedule that will be recommended by the manufacturer. The rule of thumb for older vehicles is every 6,000 miles or every other oil change.

Lighten the load. Many of us either have the trunk of our cars loaded with items we don’t need or use daily or we have the cargo area of the SUV/van full. This adds to the weight which means more pull by the engine which equals more fuel to be used. Take the time to keep only the bare essentials in your trunk or cargo areas.

Keep your tires rotated and balanced. This process plays a key role in your fuel efficiency usage. Again, follow the recommended mileage suggested by the manufacturer of your vehicle and by the tire manufacturer. Also keeping your vehicle in proper alignment helps with fuel usage. In general, alignments can last up to a year and it is based on the road conditions that you travel on a daily. If you feel your vehicle pulling to the left or right, that usually means your alignment has worn off and it is time to get another one done.

Overall, it is best to keep your vehicle properly maintained in order to get the best fuel economy usage from your vehicle.