Organization services are based on your individual needs.  Services are billed hourly with a minimum of 4 hours per scheduled service.  A 15-30 minute consultation visit will be needed to assess your organizational needs and to develop a plan of action catered to your needs.  Our services cover a wide range of areas that you may need for a short-term to a long-term solution.

We also have a program called the “Stay Happy Program”.  This program is tailored to the person/family that needs frequent assistance with organization maintenance and not just a one-time service.  Please call to inquire about any organizational services you may be interested in, even if it is not listed below.

These are some of the areas we can help you organize:

Medical record information: medications, physicians, emergency contact, medical history, etc.

Reminder Services: made via phone to include but not limited to appointment reminders (various types), medication reminders, wake-up calls, personal reminders (client specific).

Pantry, kitchen cabinets, laundry room, mudroom/entry areas.

Electronic organization: emails, bill payment, etc.

Closets, bathroom cabinets, clothing storage solutions.

Garage, basement, attics.

Car/Van/Truck organization (especially for those who travel a lot).

Home office/business office.

Pre-move/pre-sale decluttering.  Post-move unpacking/removal of moving supplies.


To include but not limited to grocery shopping/pick-up, pick-up/drop-off of dry cleaning, scheduled home maintenance appointments, scheduling appointments, vehicle drop-off/pick-up for service appointments, etc.  Starting at $30/hour and depending on the frequency of service. 


-Performed in your home using your appliances and laundry products.  Clothing must be pre-sorted in order for services to start.  Includes washing, drying, folding if needed, and/or placing on hangers.  Unless the appropriate forms have been signed and instructions given, we will not place items in drawers due to privacy restrictions.  Dry cleaning drop-off services are included if needed.  Additional fee for ironing.  Starting at $30/hour.


– This service is hourly and based on the number of staff used to unpack and organize your home.  A 40% deposit is required to schedule this service.  We will unpack on move-in and help you get your house organized.  Three days minimum may be required to complete the entire moving process.  We also provide decluttering services before you move (which we recommend) if needed and this can be included in your package.  A base fee for 3 people is $60/hour.


– Medications, physicians, insurance information, emergency contact information, active diagnosis, plus any additional information that may be needed.  Information typed and placed in a folder for easy accessibility.  Binders and/or folders included.  Rates starting at $30 (information updated for free within 60 days from the original date).


These are what we call the “ESSENTIAL” items that everyone should have in their life! These consist of all the important information you may need in case of a disaster or medical emergency.  They all contain the same basic information but are also catered to your family/household.  These can be for the college student, single person, families, older adults or for the small business owner.  You do not have to be local (in SC) in order to get a Binder created.  Rates start at $35.

 REMINDER SERVICES (senior services):

– Made via telephone.  Including but not limited to appointment setting and cancellation, medication reminders, wake-up calls, personal reminder calls.  Also, provide daily phone call checks.  $50/month. Senior Services.


– We can sit at your home to wait for any maintenance repairs you may need to have performed and clean up after the repair services are completed.* Starting at $45/hour.

*Restrictions apply (maintenance repairs to be coordinated with office).

– If your going on vacation or out of town for an extended period of time and have no one to watch your home, we can help.

We will collect your mail, newspapers, perform a walk around the property, water plants, and some pet services offered. Updates on your home via email/text/call.  Rates start at $15/day depending on services needed and the length of time required.

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