Exterior House Care

Things you can have done to the exterior of your home without having the service providers enter your home. (COVID-19 adjustments).

This is not a complete list of some of your exterior home needs but more of a list to help you figure out what you can get done during this COVID-19 pandemic. As always, do your research on the service provider you are thinking about using before you schedule your service. Reviews are a good way to help you figure out if that particular service provider is right for your project.

1-If you have a deck, rear or front, this is the time to get it inspected and re-stain or seal if needed. Catch small repairs early to avoid expensive costs later. The same goes for your wood privacy fence.

2-Remulch your flower beds or garden beds.

3-Get your roof inspected to catch small issues before they turn into huge, more expensive issues.

4-If your house is painted, inspect to see if it is time for a refresh. If you have vinyl siding or brick, take a walk around your home to see if there is a need for pressure washing.  Also, check your driveway and sidewalks to see if they need to be pressure washed.

5-Get your gutters inspected and cleaned of their fall and winter debris.

6-If you have and use your fireplace on a regular basis, this is a good time to get your chimney inspected. For this one, the service provider may need to come inside to inspect the inside of the chimney from the fireplace.

7-Inspect your garage door and its components to ensure they are in proper working order.

8-Does your driveway need to be repaved? This would pertain more so to those in rural areas who tend to have extensive driveways/roads to enter their property.

9-Powerwash your home, driveway, decks, etc.

10-Get some much-needed landscaping done. 

11-Great time to get your windows cleaned (after the pollen leaves of course)!

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